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About the Paramedic Program

Paramedics are advanced providers of emergency medical care who often serve as leaders of their teams. They start IV’s, give medication, as well as use advanced airway management techniques to help patients breathe. They are trained in advanced cardiac life support and make transport decisions to take patients to the most appropriate hospitals.

  • Around 1200 hours of instruction, training and supervised field experience are required.

  • It takes an average of 16-18 months to complete the program.

  • Our certification-seeking graduates have a 100% pass rate year, after year, after year.

  • Employment of paramedics is projected to grow 15% from 2016 to 2026.*

  • The average starting salary for paramedics is $60,000+ per year.**

Once you successfully complete the Paramedic Program, you will be eligible for the National Registry exam,
as well as the Massachusetts EMS certification and may be eligible to pursue a career in public safety.

*According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.**According to the......?

Earn More Doing What You Love

  • Get Trained

    Our goal is to get you certified. But, more than that, everything we do is aimed to make sure you’re confident, quick to react, and ready to save lives.

  • Get Certified

    We don’t want you to just pass your certification. We want you to walk out ready to lead a team and provide exceptional care, without a doubt!

  • Make a Difference

    Once certified, you'll be positioned to earn more while doing what you love and making a difference in your community.

We're so proud of our graduates.

  • I can’t say enough good things about this program. I live in Seattle, WA and started the online program..."Bootcamp" at the end of the didactic is tough, but REWARDING!! I would recommend this to EVERYONE. The instructors were amazing, the staff are fantastic, and I've made many many life long friends.”

    Jessica Melvin

    Washington Paramedic Graduate

  • NMETC's model is the future of optimal healthcare education delivery models. The focused and intense didactic portion of the course was made user friendly by enabling the student to study in a familiar setting. The practicum was ideal insomuch as it was a precisely focused, directed, and high intensity program working on skills for paramedic practice with an incredible 3:1 ratio of students to instructors. The clinical portion of the course was unsurpassed as the clinical hospital and ride time options allowed for a variety of choices utilizing local and regional options. 

    Gabe Gunning

    MaineParamedic Graduate

  • NMETC is the best online paramedic school there is! All the Instructors are awesome and extremely knowledgeable. The online classroom it like being in a real classroom but in the comfort of your own home. The skills classroom is top notch and is equipped with the latest and greatest equipment. I passed National Registry first try and was hired in CA immediately after. I can't say enough about this school. Hands down it's the best choice for paramedic online!

    Brittania Huether

    CaliforniaParamedic Graduate

On-Campus & Online Programs

Faculty Who Get It | Cutting-Edge Technology | Real-World Practice

Online (Live Lectures)

Online (Pre-Recorded Lectures)


Online (Live Lectures)

Online (Live)

Completion time: An average of 16-18 months
The online paramedic program is a web-based hybrid program that adheres to the National EMS Education Standards and the National EMS Scope of Practice model. 
Live Online InstructionThis program varies from a typical self-paced online program, as students sign into a virtual classroom for live, interactive lectures with an instructor during the scheduled class times. The web-based didactic portion of the program typically runs 10 months.
Skills TrainingStudents who choose our local online program will complete their practical skills training on-site through the didactic portion of their program. Distance students will complete this portion of their training during a 12-day intensive bootcamp at the end of the didactic portion of their program on our West Bridgewater campus.
Clinical InternshipsFollowing the skills training, clinical internships help students acquire valuable experience in diverse practice areas. You will be required to complete a combined total of 200 hours in the Emergency Room, OR, ICU, CCU, PEDI and OB. 
Field InternshipsFinally, students are required to complete a field internship, including 300 hours of ride time and 50 Team Lead patient contacts.
Upon completion of online paramedic training from National Medical Education & Training Center, you will be eligible to take the NREMT certification exam.

Program Schedule:View upcoming classes here.

Your Investment

Application Fee: $200Tuition: $8100Technology Fee: $500Clinical Fee: $800-$1200 (Depends on your clinical site)
There will be other fees associated with this program. Expenses include but are not limited to: National Registry examination fees, textbooks, background check, 12 Panel Drug Screen, physical form, immunizations/ TB test, etc. 
Once accepted into the program, a $1500 deposit is required to save your seat. The remaining payment is due seven days prior to the first day of classes. In-house financing solutions are available, just ask!

Our Guarantee

When you graduate from NMETC, we’re confident you’ll join 100% of those certification-seeking graduates who pass the test. In the unlikely event that you don’t pass your certification exam in the allotted chances given by the NREMT, you can repeat our program for free.

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